The influence of community economic development and peat area governance on Society 5.0

Mayarni, Almasdi Syahza, Sofyan H. Siregar, Amrul Khoiri, Eka Hariyani, Mimin Sundari Nasution, and Andri Sulistyani

This study aims to determine the form of institutional governance of smallholder agriculture in peat areas and determine the truth of the influence of community economic management and development indicators on Society 5.0, which results from empirical studies in the field. The results of the study describe the first finding that existing forms of institutional governance are going well but are still passive. This is caused by constraints on knowledge of horticultural plant management in peat areas, nutrient utilization processes, sustainable farming group management techniques in terms of government regulations, and empowerment of surrounding companies through CSR. Furthermore, it was found that management variables and community economic development had a positive influence on Society 5.0. From this study, it formulated recommendations from the synergy between economic development and management of peat areas to socio-economic and environmental impacts that must be considered by interested stakeholders. Maximizing function technology in making it easy to manage horticulture plants in peat areas as a form of Society 5.0 to minimize behind.

Citation: Mayarni, M., Syahza, A., Siregar, S.H., et al. (2023). The Influence of Community Economic Development and Peat Area Governance on Society 5.0. Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development 7(2): 1843.