Green innovation adoption of SMEs in Indonesia: what factors determine it?

Henny Indrawati, Caska, Neni Hermita, Sumarno, and Almasdi Syahza

This study aims to examine the factors influencing the adoption of green innovation among SMEs in Indonesia. There are three categories of factors influencing SMEs to adopt green innovations: technological, environmental, and organizational. Of these factors, organizational factors emerge as the primary determinant of green innovation adoption among SMEs in the country. This study provides a deeper understanding of the specific dimensions of organizational factors that play a crucial role in driving green innovation adoption, especially within the context of SMEs in the food sector in Indonesia

Citation: Indrawati, H.Caska, C.Hermita, N.Sumarno, S. and Syahza, A. (2023), “Green Innovation Adoption of SMEs in Indonesia: What Factors Determine it?”, International Journal of Innovation Science, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.