Model Pengembangan Daerah Tertinggal dalam Upaya Percepatan Pembangunan Ekonomi Pedesaan

Almasdi Syahza, Suarman

Poverty is phenomenal problem in the history of Indonesia as a nation-state. The poverty causes neglected and isolated areas where development disparity appears and affects the increasing lag of poor villages. One of the regencies in the Province of Riau felt this condition is Regency of Kepulauan Meranti. In most of the villages, there are 59 villages (80.82%), are disadvantaged areas. The total of the household is 45,564, and 56.76% of them (25,863 households) are poor which consists of 114,496 souls. Whereas this area has a strategic geographic location because it is in the line of shipping and international trade Selat Malaka, near to neighbor country Malaysia and Singapore, and has potential as hinterland area of free trade zone Batam, Bintan, and Karimun (FTZ-BBK). The purpose of this research is to arrange the strategic plan model of disadvantaged area development in the effort of accelerating rural economic development. The research conducted through a survey by using development research. The technique used for sampling is the purposive sampling method and the analysis method used for this research is the method of quantitative and qualitative descriptive. The research found that the strategy of rural area development in an effort to spur economic growth is a cross-sectoral approach in all fields. In addition, the research also found the model of decreasing the number of poor families by referring to four strategy principles of decreasing the number of poor families.

Citation: Syahza, A., Suarman., (2014). Model Pengembangan Daerah Tertinggal dalam Upaya Percepatan Pembangunan Ekonomi Pedesaan, Ekuitas: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Keuangan. Vol 18, No 3, page 365-386.

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