What is the Existing Condition of Palm Oil Plantation Management in Riau Province, Indonesia?

Rino Afrino, Almasdi Syahza

This study aims to describe the management of oil palm plantations in Riau Province using a qualitative method. The Nvivo 12 Plus software was used to analyze the data, which came from the results of interviews with each of the important actors. The results of this study showed that the social and legal aspects of managing oil palm plantations (37.93%), the economic aspects (34.48%), and the ecological aspects (27.59%) were the ones that stood out the most.

Citation: Afrino, A., Syahza, A., (2023), What is the Existing Condition of Palm Oil Plantaumbertion Management in Riau Province, Indonesia?, KnE Social Sciences, Volume 8, Number 5. pages 10–23. https://doi.org/10.18502/kss.v8i5.12985