Community based ecotourism management to strengthen environmental ethics and supports sustainable development in Pelalawan district, Indonesia

NawariThamrinNofrizalAlmasdi SyahzaJuandi Muhammad, and Nur Islami

Pelalawan District has several natural attractiveness and indigenous knowledge potentially to be developed as ecotourism. The community-based ecotourism management (CBEM) by utilizing indigenous knowledge as a part of tourist attractions is one of the ways to improve environmental ethics and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Citation: Nawari., Thamrin., Nofrizal., Syahza, A., Muhammad, J., and Islami, N., (2022). Community-Based Ecotourism Management to Strengthen Environmental Ethics and Supports Sustainable Development In Pelalawan district, Indonesia. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 1041(012036).